Land of the Free or Home of the Police State?

What happens when an American takes a picture of a military officer? Response: They have an assault rifle pointed at their head....seems fair right? NO!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!
What happens when an American takes a picture of a military officer? Response: They have an assault rifle pointed at their head….seems fair right? NO!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Has America, “the land of free”, become “the home of the police state”. In the video below you will see images and video from police raids that happened after the bombing in Boston. The issue is what these officers engaged in is illegal or is it? Not only did you have police from the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts going house to house carrying assault rifles (the same rifles they do not won’t the public to be able to legally own) you have the actual military doing house to house searches with them. You also see that for the first time in history that the city of Boston falls into full Marshal Law with no one allowed out of their homes until the police come knock at your door, point an assault rifle in your face, in your children’s faces, order you to leave, then they search your home. HELLO! Has anyone ever heard of an unreasonable search and seizure? Search warrants? Reasonable cause? Now the police and military say this was necessary because the second suspect had not yet been apprehended so he could have been hiding in someone’s home. My answer is if he was hiding in a person’s home don’t you think they would know that a clearly dangerous man who allegedly had set off two bombs had entered into their home especially considering they were not allowed to leave their homes! My second point is that even if they were searching for the suspect did they need police and military carrying assault rifles, did they need to point them in the faces of people who clearly did not fit the description of the terror suspect, did they need to point them in the faces of children, did they need to roll down the streets of Boston in armored military tanks with rifles pointing at everyone they passed by? Third, I find it insane that the police and military are running around with assault rifles due to 1 man when there are so many officers yet they want to disarm the public. Well if the police need assault rifles to protect the public as they say then why can’t the public have them to protect themselves? If we allowed that then there wouldn’t be any concern about this suspect hiding in someones home because they have the weapon to take him out and keep their family safe.

I think the main question we need to be asking is why is the news focusing on the “celebration” some Bostonians engaged in after the second suspect was captured but not focusing on the suspension of the constitution and the roll out of a total police state in Boston. Is this a onetime thing? No. I think now that the government has shown they lock down a city with over a million people and do as they wish, Boston is the tip of the ice burg. This will become a larger and more common occurrence as this activity becomes accepted by the public. I beg anyone reading this to stand up for your rights. If you do not use the rights you are afforded then do not be surprised when they are taken from you. I urge you to contact your sheriff, your congressman, and your state leaders and insist that they put forth a measure assuring that this type of activity is not now or in the future going to be allowed to happen to you and your family. Please take the time to see the video below. I believe it will leave you amazed at how not only the police and military were treating American citizens but how some of these American citizens felt about it. Take the time to see the pictures included of just how overly forceful the police and the military were in this situation and then watch the end of the video where you hear an actual search being done of a home filmed by a neighbor living across the street and see if you still think that we are a free nation. See if you think we are still “the land of the free” or we now “the home of the police state”?

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    • I understand that criminals will still be able to get guns however, my point is that law abiding citizens should be allowed to have the same guns that the police in this situation are using for their own protection. A person that legally buys a gun is less likely to commit a crime as opposed to an individual who illegally buys a firearm on the street. You’re only keeping guns out of the hands of those who will use them in a legal manner.


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