Chip Me Not.

I am giving far warning to anyone that is getting ready to read this article that there are some very disturbing and saddening photos and information in this post; however, I believe that it is information that people need to be aware of so here goes.

In the last ten years or so we have heard a lot about micro-chipping our pets. You currently have commercials that just tug at your heart showing a dog lost from its owners and terrified followed by a computerized voice over the television telling you “oh if only you had the Home Again Animal Tracking Chip” in an attempt to emotionally manipulate you into getting your animal chipped. What they do not tell you is that micro-chipping your dog has numerous side effects and that numerous animals have died as a result of being chipped or suffered severe heinous side effects. The two images below are from the Humane Society of America and from the organization that creates the pet microchips knows as Home Again. These images tell you that there are no side effects or risks to your animal and is 100% safe. The other image tells you that somehow you are not a good pet owner if you do not microchip your animal, your best friend, the animal that you love so much and consider family. After all if it is 100% safe and can help you find your missing dog it would be negligence not to do so! Right?


The image above is the one from the Humane Society of America telling you to basically be a good pet owner and microchip your pet.



This image is from the website of the company that makes the Home Again microchip that is lying through its teeth you by stating their product is safe and side effect free. I think that common sense should tell you that NOTHING that is put into your body is symptom free. Something ALWAYS happens even if it is a positive side effect. There is always a reaction.

One of the stories that really touched my heart regarding the side effects of micro-chipping your pet is the story of Scotty a once healthy 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier that developed a cancerous tumor that had to be removed after having the micro-chip implanted. The tumor grew around the micro-chip between the animals shoulder blades that grew to the size of a balloon! The microchip was embedded inside the center of the massive tumor. Scotty was taken to the vet who gave him only a year to live. 



The image above shows the general location of micro-chips and how they clearly show up on x-rays.



As you can see from above Scotty is a beautiful animal with a loving owner who upon hearing the horrifying diagnosis demanded that the tumor be removed and her beloved animal try to be saved. Mrs. Hawkins, the owner Scotty, spend over $4,000 on treatments for Scotty and below is an image of the horrifying result.



Mrs. Hawkins informed the company that made the microchip, Home Again, only to recieve a repsonse from them that they would give her $300 for what happened to her beloved pet, not even 10% of the cost Mrs. Hawkins had to spend to save her animal and nowhere near the amount of money I feel she deserved due to Scotty’s pain and suffering but the hell that Mrs. Hawkins had to go through with knowing that because she put a microchip in her beloved Scotty that she in essence caused all of this to happen because she didn’t know better. She believed the company Home Again that the product was safe. 

Cancer is not the only side effect of implantation. There have been cases including the case of a Chihuahua named Charlie Brown experienced another outcome from the chipping procedure. He bled to death. 

“I wasn’t in favor  of getting Charlie chipped, but it was the law,” said Lori Ginsberg, the Chihuahua’s owner, citing an ordinance that requires all dogs over the age of four months in unincorporated Los Angeles County be microchipped. Dog owners who refuse to comply face a $250 fine for the first offense and up to six months in jail and $1,000 fine for continued non-compliance.

“This technology is supposedly so great until it’s your animal that dies,” she said. “I can’t believe Charlie is gone”.

Can you imagine being either of these owners? Think of all the owners and animals that you have not heard about in this article. I ask that all of you reading this send a link to this blog to your friends and family and encourage them to do the research about what really happens when micro-chipping your best friend. Get the facts. If you live in an area like the above owner where micro-chipping is mandated legally then I ask that you write to your mayor, local representatives  your state Veterinary Board, and reach out to try and quash these laws. 

Below is a link to a 52 page peer reviewed article about the very high rates of cancer in lab rats that were given the same implant that is given to our furry canine friends.

I ask all of you to check out the page below which is an organization called Chip Me Not. I ask all of you to get involved in any way that you can with this organization to get micro-chipping laws repealed so that it is not legally mandated that you get your dog chipped and that you stand up for those that do not have a voice and depend on us to be there voice as well as their protectors. I just ask you to do whatever it is that you can do even if all that you are capable of doing is posting a link to this blog so that others can hear the truth. As it is said on the site Chip Me Not “It’s not a statistic when it’s your pet” and I could not agree with that more.

The last piece of information that I wish to leave you with is this. If they are beginning to legally mandate that you micro-chip your animal, if they are playing television commercials telling you that you’re not a good pet owner unless you get your pet chipped, stating despite the evidence that these micro-chips are safe, how long do you think it will take for us to get so used to chipping our pets that sooner rather than later they will begin commercials saying good parents micro-chip their children?




  1. Mandatory microchipping was introduced in New South Wales (Australia) in 1999. Other states played follow the leader over the next few years. Sadly thousands of puppies and dogs (and cats) are subjected to microchipping without any regard to the animal’s health and consequences. We are all told we are irresponsible and don’t love our pets if we don’t microchip. Despite the lies we are fed, microchipping does not improve an animal’s chance of finding it’s way home. Statistics have proven that. It does not provide live tracking and an animal can only be scanned if it is taken to a vet or pound. Anyone who finds a ‘lost’ animal can keep that animal if they so choose. In addition, not all scanners are able to read all types of chips. I have read a number of stories about dogs that have been chipped, end up in a shelter and put down, because the shelter’s scanner doesn’t detect the chip. They assume the animal was not chipped and the owner cannot be located. One woman in NSW actually visited her local shelter to find her little dog after he ran away during a storm. She wandered up and down looking at caged dogs but couldn’t find hers. The staff told her they had no dog that matched the description of hers. She was contacted later that afternoon to retrieve her dog’s body, after one of the staff realised he matched the description the owner provided that morning. He had been put down because the shelter’s scanner did not read the brand of chip he had implanted. The woman was able to prove her dog was chipped but barely received an apology. Still this lunacy continues.
    Eighteen months ago I lost my beautiful lab x staffy. He was just 13 years old. Earlier that year a hard lump began growing near his left armpit. It was not a fatty lipoma, it was too hard. It started very slowly, then had a sudden growth spurt and caused the skin to split and weep. He was otherwise happy and healthy, a typical smiley labrador. I took him straight to the vet and told them under no circumstance was he to be put down; remove the lump or I will find another vet who will. The incision was three times the size of the lump. I did tell them to make sure they removed it properly. When I picked him up the next day, they hadn’t sutured the wound; they stapled the edges together and there was no dressing. His shaved, weeping side was left exposed. With my knowledge of herbal medicine, I left the staples in but dressed the wound with oils and herbs when we arrived home. Six weeks later there was barely a scar and he was joining my other dog, my horse and myself on trail rides. I thought then, phew, he’s going to be ok.
    I noticed, as I was filling out his forms at the vet, there was no chip number recorded. Against my wishes and better judgement, he was chipped at 14 weeks old, as per the NSW Companion Animals Act. I didn’t want it done, but insisted on being there to hold and comfort him. He vomited all night and didn’t eat until the following night. Apparently that is a common reaction and I was told not to worry, he’ll be fine. Doesn’t hurt and is safe? Why then, did he yelp and whine?
    After removal of the lump, curiously the chip had vanished. Confused vet nurses couldn’t figure it out; their scanner couldn’t be wrong. Could the chip have moved? First the vets said no, the chip wouldn’t have moved to his armpit. I had done my research on migrating chips and told them to rethink what they were trying to tell me. The response then was, OK yeah it happens sometimes. Sorry.
    They wanted another $1000 to dissect the tumour and prove it contained the chip. I’d already paid that for the surgery and overnight stay. I’ve had to live with the circumstantial evidence in front of me. No one else would believe me. I’m sadly relieved that my dog isn’t the only one to suffer, more and more evidence is mounting to cease chipping once and for all – even just based on the health implications.
    Despite the continued assurance that chipping is harmless and there are no side effects, more vets are admitting it is anything but. The more stories I read and websites I visit, I realise mine isn’t the only victim of this lie. Only ten months after his surgery, my beautiful boy died in my arms.
    I will never subject another animal to this diabolical practice. I am now in the fortunate position of living out of town where my working dogs are exempt from the Companion Animals Act. When will people wake up and stop this madness?


  2. @Elissa I’m so dreadfully sorry for what happened to your little chap! I feel like crying for you having known what it’s like to have a little pet die in our arms! Mine did last week!

    Although they are keeping the truth of most things that damage us and our pets out of the Rothschild owned media, of the Deep State,

    I’m still surprised more dog owners are not savvy enough to realise that foreign items stuck in bodies will have our immune systems ruined! That is, if, the vaccines have not totally destroyed them already! After all, that is what vaccines are created for. AND the same with our medications, all with the help of Bayer and Merck! Yes, Merck make the micro chips, and they will be the same ones used for humans!!!

    The dopey parents will agree to having their children chipped for sure, if they allow their dogs to be chipped. Why ruin a healthy working body? Merck knows, it is for MONEY. To keep living creatures ill and on medication like the rest of us! It is to make Big Pharma even wealthier than they are now!

    We are on to them, so more of us have to be more vocal and complain. Don’t let the vets who use micro-chipping get away with it. They can’t be trusted! If they have not found out micro-chips cause cancer and sometimes death …… What else don’t they know?? Let them know what you think ….. that they are accomplices to murder!! Murdering your pet!


  3. The criminal cabal of psychopaths running this nation clearly will never be satisfied until all human and plant and animal life is destroyed. They know precisely the dangers of the radiation being emitted by gadgets and phones. Radiation causes cancer. To deliberately implant a “chip” actually into an animal is just a matter of time before a cancer arises in the poor defenseless creature. While the manufacturers promote the sales of their harmful products and dupe citizens into believing the wonderful benefit of their gadgets, the true nature of the product is sinister in its effects. Unless people are willing to unite and stand against this agenda, humans will be the next targets to receive a mandatory chip. Again, it will be for sinister reasons hidden behind the propaganda of some great benefit. It is all b.s.


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