The Science of Godlessness.

I have asked myself many times how it is that scientists can go to such extremes with evolution which is such a far fetched theory with no real evidence yet they find it so easy to thumb their noise up at the idea that we are of devine creation as the bible tells us. Why is it in my opinion that so many scientists have this attitude? Well it’s because the scientists themselves wish to be Gods by pretending to have the knowledge to somehow correct all of the “mistakes” that God has made. Science attempts to offer us some of the most extraordinary explanations yet they laugh at Christians who believe in the power of God as simple minded and shallow and somehow not as superior as they believe they are with their test tube babies, their prescription drugs with horrible side effects, their unhuman and inhuman cloning of humans and animals in an effort to play God, and so many more things that the scientific community finds ethical and make them Gods yet make me feel that we are talking about people who have some major personality disorders and in some ways are truly psychotic and they show that trait when you fail to agree with their projects and beliefs they want to tear you apart.




So you tell me what has science given us? Has it been a better world or with the decline in those who believe in God and an increase in worshippers of the false god of science has our Earth gotten morally better or are we falling apart? It is my full belief that unless we find our way back to God and use the knowledge God has given us to help mankind without stroking our ego then we will continue to see the decline of our population into chaos.

The last thing I want to leave you with is this simple thought and that is we will never have all knowledge as its not ours to have and if you have a person in your life whos religion is science then try to save them and bring them to God and if your relationship with the person is romantic and they will not use science to do Gods work then walk away quickly from that relationship. Why be with someone who doesn’t respect your beliefs and a person that you may not see in the afterlife. Again just food for thought.



Remember that God is not dead but eternal and it is science that ushers in death in oh so many ways. Please take this moment to pray that these people will see the light and come to God who is patiently waiting for them. Amen. Thank you all for reading my articles and for all of your kind comments of support. Also my next article will be discussing the use of natural medication to boost your health so that you can get away from the highly toxic and often deadly pharmaceuticals.

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