Michelle Obama’s ‘Jeopardy!’ appearance raises questions, Is this the First Bald First Lady?

First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on ‘Jeopardy!’ Tuesday sporting a new hair do that instantly caught viewers attention for all the wrong reasons. The First Lady was promoting her anti-childhood obesity initiative “Let’s Move!” but it was a little hard to focus on her health tips because of the way she was wearing her hair.

Viewers took to Twitter scratching their heads, wondering if the first lady had gone bald — like Alana, who tweeted, “Michelle Obama is on jeopardy but her hair is not”

Crys asked, “When did this happen?”
Another user said, “That moment when you think you see Michelle Obama bald on Jeopardy, and go to twitter to find the answer.”
One user even declared it was the new “dress,” calling on Twitter to “RT if Michelle Obama is bald, fav if her hair is pulled back super tight.”

The First Lady has flaunted a number of hairstyles that caught media attention during her years in office. She adopted bangs for her 49th birthday, a style of which many were fond. She later sported a bob and explained the switch to Parade Magazine, saying, “You know, it’s hard to make speeches with hair in your face.”


The Hill took it upon themselves to reach out to The White House for comment, but it reported that officials, quote, “didn’t respond to a question about the ‘bald’ buzz.”

Putting all seriousness aside as one must do when writing an article like this it is funny and it’s one thing that hasn’t turned into a political scandal….well not yet.

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