My Thoughts on Abortion & the recent story of the CNN Reporter Bowling to Raise Money for Abortions, Sparking Outrage

 She’s mocking critics who call “bowling for abortions” disgusting


A CNN commentator is bowling to raise money for abortions while mocking critics who call her “charity drive” disgusting.


 After CNN’s Sally Kohn announced she was taking part in a “Bowl-a-Thon” for “abortion access,” she started using tweets from her critics as part of her donation drive.


 “I challenge everyone to donate more dollars than I have haters,” she tweeted while quoting a lady who called her a “disgusting person.”


 Kohn also said she was motivated to bowl for abortions because she believes “everyone should have access to the abortions they need, regardless of how much money they have.”

“I’m bowling to break down barriers to abortion access,” Kohn added. “I’m lacing up my shoes and polishing my bowling ball to raise money for my local abortion fund, the New York Abortion Access Fund.”

“You can help me hit my goal, and together, we can make an immediate difference with real impact.”

Sounds callous at the very least, doesn’t it? Seriously, “bowling for abortions?” Really?

But it isn’t that surprising when you consider that the most radical pro-choice activists value human life the least.

For example, in February I read a report about a feminist who claimed she aborted her baby after discovering it was male.

The feminist, Lana, said she started “weeping at the thought” of what she was “about to curse the world with” and decided an abortion would “make things right.”

Lana chose to abort her son for that exact reason because he was going to be a boy and not a girl. She even said if it was a daughter as she initially thought she would not have had the abortion.

“I went in for the procedure, as it was fairly later in my pregnancy, I was aware there were certain risks, but it went off without a hitch,” she wrote. “My body’s betrayal was no more, I was free… I felt strong.”

“I had done something positive, something that would actually make a difference, something good, even though as I would find out, many others wouldn’t see it that way.”

Of course no one saw it that way! It’s understandable that people with morals would be disgusted by someone who aborted a baby because of his gender and someone who’s “bowling for abortions.”

Embracing abortion as “empowering” leads to decadence, plain and simple.

“The fate of nations is intimately bound up with their powers of reproduction,” the tyrant Benito Mussolini once wrote. “All nations and all empires first felt decadence gnawing at them when their birth rate fell off.”

This story leaves me feeling like I need to soak in a seriously hot bath filled with salt for a good hour to cleanse my body of this ridiculous crap! This is 2015 people NOT 1973 it has been 42 years since the Supreme Court ruled in the historic Roe V. Wade case. We now live in an era in time where abortion should be something that is done as a last resort and done in very strict circumstances. I am so tired of people trying to twist this issue and say it is about women’s rights when that could not be further from the truth and even if you believe the whole narrative of women’s rights then you have to admit that so called women’s rights are more important to you than actual human life there is no way around that. Either you value human life before anything else or you don’t you cannot have it both ways. My main point is this in the year 2015 we have so many methods of birth control put on a condom you can get them free at the health department, take the pill which is covered by insurance and is very cheap, much cheaper than an abortion, take the morning after pill as it is called which will work up to 72 hours after having unprotected sex, what about giving that child up for adoption to one of the millions of people here in the United States that cannot have children and are waiting and praying their hearts out to be blessed with the gift of having a child to teach, guide, and love, and in my opinion the best method of preventing an unwanted pregnancy is simple DO NOT SLEEP WITH SOMEONE YOU DO NOT HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH! Ask yourself where is this all going? Isn’t it clear that if you can kill your child because you are not happy with the gender of the child that based on that logic we will if not already be aborting babies because they aren’t going to have blond hair like mom, or they won’t have dads green eyes, or genetic testing says the baby has a 10% higher risk of developing cancer after the age of 40, or wow the genetic counselor just said that there’s a chance my baby could be bisexual or homosexual so lets get rid of it and try again. It’s turning a baby into a product that you can customize instead of taking what God has given you.

To me I see the baby who is the innocent soul in all of this being treated like a STD. I have worked in the medical field and I have actually heard the comment that a baby is the worst sexually transmitted disease a woman can get and to follow that insane statement was always thank God (oddly enough) that there is a way to get rid of this STD. Well in my mind if you do the deed you need to pay the fee. Do you think people who actually get real STDs like HIV, HSV (Herpes), or HPV (Genitial Warts) are able to say hey I want to take back the sex I had and get rid of this disease….NO! Because they cannot do it once you have one of those diseases you have it for life! After 42 years of dealing with this issue I think it is time that our country gets honest about what it is we are doing and put tighter restrictions on abortions. I have no problem with abortion if say you have a teenage girl who has been raped by her uncle and is carrying his baby and that carrying this baby to term and putting it up for adoption would psychologically harm her then I would say yes allow her to do that but I have even seen rape cases where the woman wanted to carry the baby to term and adopt it out since they understood the baby isn’t some evil being. I can see allowing abortion if the baby is putting such a strain on the mothers body that it is killing her and is going to kill her then of course by all means do it however, on the opposite end of that we currently allow for abortion if the baby is the one at risk of dying which makes no sense. You are worried that the baby will die so you go ahead and kill it? Who the hell thought that one up?

The studies show that the vast majority of women who have had abortions end up suffering from massive guilt, shame, and ultimately severe depression often leading to addiction and/or suicide attempts. We need to get real as a society about the truth of abortion. When we allow a woman like Lana to kill her baby because it’s a boy and we tweet about how we are bowling to fund abortions and we have women (Emily Letts) making videos of themselves getting an abortion and putting it on YouTube it is time to say enough is enough this is INSANE! I have attached the sickening video from YouTube that I am referring to regarding the woman who infamously filmed her abortion so you can witness the disgust that I feel when speaking about that story. I also implore all of you reading this to do an internet search and see what happens during and after an abortion to the baby. Read about how hospitals have been caught throwing the bodies of the dead aborted babies into the furnaces to heat the hospital, or put into the machines to power the hospital, or how in a lot of cases when the baby is pulled out during an abortion the doctors have been caught on numerous occasions breaking the babies neck and throwing it’s dead body into a trash bag! I could go on and on about this issue but what I will do is leave you with the video below to watch and then see if you want to argue with me about it being ok to kill an unborn child.


The first YouTube Video is a video that Emily Letts put up and made herself of her getting an abortion in which she laughs about it, keeps an ultrasound as a memento, and gives this twisted voice over with happy music put to it with her being surrounded by women at the abortion clinic “supporting” her. The second video is another YouTube video of Emily Letts appearing in an interview on HLN trying to justify her decision which is fails at doing massively.

Emily’s Interview:

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