High crimes: Meth-carrying drone crashes near US-Mexican border

Nearly three kilograms of crystal meth fell from the sky in the Mexican city of Tijuana near the US border, when a drone used to smuggle the drugs ditched in a supermarket parking lot.

“It’s probable the drone couldn’t hold the weight of the cargo, and that’s why it fell,” Mexican police said in a statement.

The officers said they recovered six packets of methamphetamine, weighing more than six pounds (2.7 kilograms), from the drone’s wreckage.

An anonymous caller warned the police of the UAV after spotting it in the air three kilometers from the San Ysidro crossing with California.

The police identified the aircraft as a Spread Wings 900 “hexacopter,” a six-rotor remote controlled model, sold on Amazon for $1,400.

Last July, the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Agency) sounded the alarm over the increased use of drones by Mexican drug cartels.

They’ve been using UAVs to smuggle narcotics into the US since 2011, but have recently intensified recruitment of skilled technicians to operate the technology.

Drones, capable of evading radar detection, are a cheaper, more efficient way of drug trafficking than underground tunnels and mini submarines.

In 2012, over 150 drone trips were made from Mexico to the US, delivering cocaine and other drugs, the DEA said.

The reliance on UAVs by drug traffickers “is a potentially new threat if it became used in a widespread way. If it can be useful and productive, organized crime groups will find a way,” David Shirk, an expert in Mexico security and justice issues at the University of San Diego, told U-T San Diego.

There has recently been a surge of methamphetamine seizures on the California-Mexico border as drug cartels give up on marijuana, whose cultivation for recreational use has increased in the US.

According to US Customs and Border Protection, 14,732 pounds (6,682 kilograms) of meth were seized by the San Diego field office last fiscal year, accounting for 63 percent of the synthetic drugs confiscated nationwide.


Here is my editorial comment for this story. When it comes to criminals we all know that they have always been creative and generally stay 1 to 2 steps ahead of law enforcement. The general public has been able to buy drones for years now so I am sure that this drone drug delivery system has been going on for years and I have to admit that it is very creative since you no longer have to meet your drug dealer in some shady back alley to exchange drugs and money. I am by no means saying go get drugs and have a drone deliver it since I do not do drugs myself however, I do believe that this is just another example that the “War on Drugs” is and has been one major failure and that instead of locking a person up for the rest of the their natural lives because they were found to be in possession of meth or pot we should not be treating possessing those substances as a crime and here’s my reason why I feel this way. I am nurse to give you a background on me so I believe that all these illegal drugs pot, cocaine, meth, heroin, etc should all be legalized under certain conditions now hear me out and if you disagree with me then fine lets have a discussion about it but here is my take on it. If you legalize all these drugs then the prison population goes down by almost 50% and it should NOT be a crime to put a substance into YOUR body since it is YOUR body. My body is not harmed if my neighbor is using heroin and decides to spend his Saturday high or if he decides to smoke some pot it doesn’t concern me nor does it effect me.

My point is that these drugs should be treated the same as alcohol and prescription drugs in the sense that you can possess them, use them, get drunk if you want as long as you do not have a child in your home who you are not caring for because you are drunk, or if you get behind the wheel of your car drunk, or you are out in public intoxicated and making a scene those things are crimes and should be crimes. My point is if you legalize these drugs and people are free to use them then that is a medical issue that hopefully they will one day want to get treatment for and if they don’t then they will die but again that does not effect me. My idea is to legalize all of these drugs and make it a crime to drive while on them, or to use them and neglect or abuse your child or your spouse, or to do anything that does effect me like running around naked in your front yard because you are tripping out on a drug those things are crimes and should be enforced however, arrested someone in their own home because they have pot or some other illegal drug should not be taking place. If you look at the scientific studies more people die due to LEGAL prescription drugs given to them by a doctor than do from illegal drug use.

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