Easy Evidence of WHY the Indiana Religious Restoration Bill is 100% Anti-Gay and Aimed DIRECTLY at gay people! See the proof!

This article is a collection of some information that I feel nicely, neatly, and easily shows just how anti-gay this so called Religious Restoration Act in Indiana really is and how it is aimed at the harassment of gays individuals 100%! Homophobes you have been BUSTED! CAUGHT RED HANDED! I feel that just this one picture below will speak more than a thousand words when you look at who is standing with Governor Mike Pence, especially 3 men who were selected to stand with him as they helped right this legislation just look at their views, their history, the things they have done, and you tell me honestly Governor Mike Pence that your bill isn’t aiming at Gay Americans when it is you ARE A LIAR!

I also find it telling that you surround yourself with these types of horrible, evil, sick people yet refuse to give the names of the lobbyist standing with you as you sign this historic homophobic bill to the people of your state, the people you are supposed to answer to not lie to. The reason Governor you did not want to name names is because you know what these men have done and you hoped it wouldn’t be found out or that nobody would care well guess you were wrong on that gamble! When you have Curt Smith helping you write this bill when he has stated over and over publicly that he thinks homosexuality is the same/leads to/or is intermingled with bestiality and adultery. Sorry Curt Smith but last time I checked I am married to a HUMAN BEING not an animal and I have never had an affair so no adultery here are you sure that you are not speaking about yourself? Then we have Eric Miller who put the fear into preachers by falsely claiming in fliers he distributed to pastors that they could and would be jailed for preaching against homosexuality now that same-sex marriage has passed and been legalized which could not be further from the truth. You can say gay is wrong all day standing in front of your church and you will not go to jail you just might make yourself look pretty dumb though. 

Ah, now for Micah Clark who in my book is the worst as he believes and pushes this dangerous theory that homosexuality is a treatable mental disorder when study after study has shown that to not only be false but that when you attempt to “change” a person from being homosexual back to “normal” or “straight” that most of the time they commit suicide! You are basically tearing down a person and trying to rewire them it is inhumane! This man publically attacked an UNDERAGE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT whose a lesbian for daring to wear a tuxedo to her prom. Call me crazy but what does it matter to him and what right does he have to call this young girl out like that? He needs to be ashamed of himself. I do wonder with as much time as these 4 men have spent together lately working on this bill with all the gay talk one would think that maybe the 4 of them got physically creative when break time would come. They seem to be more into the gay lifestyle than I am and I am gay! It would be hilarious it’s so ridiculous but what keeps the humor at bay is seeing how stubborn some people are and just how evil and far they will go to see a group of people destroyed remind us of an event from history…..Oh yeah….Hitler and the Nazis did the same thing and guess what they didn’t just do it to Jews they did it to gays too! Ever heard that history repeats if you do not learn from it. Thankfully it seems that most American citizens my friends, neighbors, readers of my column, see me as funny, nice, smart, driven, hard working, kind, trying to always help anyone that I can, and doing anything for those that I can, and they see that I am a loving person and I accept differences but I do not tolerate lies and the people who know me will tell you that my being gay is the least important thing you should know about me. 

This story makes me angry because of the IN YOUR FACE LIES that are being told. It is intended to take the nose of every gay person and rub it in. I wish that the Governor would open the Bible he claims to believe in so truly and clings to for guidance and go to Proverbs 12:22: “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord” and for me personally I think lying is the worst thing you can do since it is like a cancer you tell that first lie, which then requires you tell the second lie to cover the first one, then four more lies to cover the previous two, then eight to cover the four, so eventually it grows so exponentially out of control that it falls apart which is what I see happening to you. 



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