The Crash/Downing of the Germanwings plane & why I think there is a conspiracy here.

I am not normally a big conspiracy buff but when I see something like this that is so in your face with lies and things that do not make sense then the word conspiracy does fill my head. I have so many issues with the story of the crash of the German Wings plane that it is hard for me to know where to start I have like 5 pages of notes here in front of me with all of the issues I have found with this story so I am going to try and hit on some of the major issues in this story that sit wrong with me.

1. One of the first huge issues that I have with this story is the jump to the conclusion that the co-pilot crashed the plane on purpose and we know this because allegedly he was breathing for the 8 minutes before and up until the plane crashed. So because this man was breathing he must have crashed this plane on purpose. Now how much sense does that make?

2. Another thing bothering me is that we are told that 1 of the 2 black boxes was destroyed…destroyed! How likely is that to have happened and that the other remaining black box had a data card that has been stolen. Who stole it and why would someone steal it? I also have an issue with how quickly what was left of this black box was supposedly downloaded and transcribed and what was heard was released to the public so quickly which never happens. It takes time to go through all the data on those black boxes and break it down to find out what it means.

3. It also annoys me that it seems the main stream media are grabbing at straws to find a motive for why this co-pilot would down this plane. They are saying that he had some psychological break, that was taking multiple SSRI anti-depressant drugs even though I have heard reports that was getting injections from doctors of long acting anti-psychotic drugs which are not for depression hence the name anti-psychotic they are for psychotic people and if he was so psychotic that he needed this long acting anti-psychotic drug injections do you think that his behavior abnormalities would have gone unnoticed by his peers? Also this man was very athletic did a lot of running and not just any running but he did marathons so I find it hard to believe that with the amount of endorphens that are released when you run and to be in a marathon you have to train for that it isn’t something that you just go and do so he would have been doing that while taking these kinds of drugs. I also find it stupid to believe that when his home was searched they found numerous bottles of SSRI drugs that had been throw everywhere. SO wait a minute is he taking these SSRI drugs or are we to believe that he is just wasting his money month in and month out at the pharmacy getting these drugs only to not take them and leave them thrown around his house along with numerous torn up notes from doctors saying he is unfit for work? Come on!

4. I have also heard the ridiculous claim that he was a closeted homosexual because he was in San Fransisco and had his picture taken at the famed Golden Gate Bridge…well that last time I checked the Golden Gate Bridge is a wonder and something tourist flock too not gay tourist but all tourist. Some have reported that he had the nickname Tomato Andy which makes no sense to me it is supposed to me that he is a fruit that is pretending to be a vegetable because he did not want to be an openly gay man. That makes no sense to me and last time I checked being in the closet about your sexuality doesn’t equate to being a mass murderer.

5. Another thing bothering me here is that we are to believe that the pilot was locked out of the cabin with no way to get back in. I do not believe that for a single second especially not when my own research has shown me that the pilot along with other flight personnel on the plane can enter a code into a key pad outside the door which after 30 seconds of being entered unlocks the cockpit door for 5 seconds which is enough time to enter the cockpit and the door close behind you. I have also read that in the transcript you could hear metallic banging from outside the cockpit which many have reported as being the pilot hitting the cockpit door with an ax. Now wait just a minute the ax they are talking about is true in the fact that there is an ax located on every plane however, the ax is located in the cockpit not outside of it. So the only way this pilot could have had an ax would be if when he got up to go use the bathroom he grabbed the ax inside the cockpit and took it with him. Think about this if a pilot is locked out of the cabin and we are to believe there is not way back in then does that mean if we have a pilot here in the United States who accidentally locks himself out of the cockpit while going to get coffee won’t be able to get back in and will have to say well damn I guess we are going to crash now. Come on people use your brains!

Now what I want to focus on are a few theories that I have seen about what actually could have happened with this plane that do not include a suicidal co-pilot but instead include him being used as the fall guy what what really happened to this plane:

1. We know that 150 souls died in this crash. The strange thing about this crash is that the debris field is miles long which is more suggestive of an explosion where pieces of a plane are littered for miles and miles. We have to ask could this plane have been bombed because of who may have been on board. In my research I have found that there were some top scientists as well as some top finance related individuals on this flight. Right now there is still a tight lid on who all was on this flight so I am going to abstain from going into a lot of detail right now about who was on the flight and why it might have been bombed since that is still just a theory that I do not have all of the evidence for right now but I want to put it out there as being more possible than a suicidal pilot. So help me find the evidence to see what really happened here people. Lets take this story and find the truth of it.

2. We know that military testing was occurring in this area. I found a report from The Guardian which is major British newspaper kind of the New York Times would be here in the United States which said that they had located eye witnesses who stated on record that they witnessed heard a large explosion and saw smoke coming from the boomed Germanwings flight in which it fell out of the sky into the mountains while at the same time numerous military aircraft were circling the area of the downed plane.

3. Another theory that is running around is in regards to CERN. For those of you who do not know what CERN is heres the short of it. CERN is the Large Hadron Collider that speeds up particles to move at around 100,000 times the magnetic speed of the the Earth. So that should give you a good indication of how strong this piece of technology is. Now on the day that this plane went down CERN had been shut down for a while and was in the process of being restarted when there was a malfunction at CERN when a short circuit at the facility occurred causing CERN to be shut down indefinitely which tells me it must have been some kind of a major short circuit. I have been doing research and ran across many articles stating that all of the energy that CERN created that day had to go somewhere and if it short circuited it could have released all of this magnetic energy into the surrounding environment since the short circuit was in the magnetic area of the CERN machine. So if you with this theory then it is possible that a magnetic “leak” or “burst” happened, the plane was hit, and like being hit with an electromagnetic weapon or (EMP) the planes electronics were fried and the plane went down and what we are witnessing now is a major cover-up like what we saw with TWA flight 800 when it was shot down by the military.

I am going to report further on this story, the theories, the things we are not being told like the military drills occurring in the area, and also if you were watching the footage when the plane originally crashed you would have seen that in the corner of the footage it said that it was being brought to you courtesy of an Israel news station one of the countries that were involved in these military excersizes occurring in this area. I am asking anyone with any information or possible insight into this Germanwings disaster to please contact me so that I can hopefully hone in on what really happened to this flight. I do not want all of us to go with the CNN, FOX News narrative and just accept that. We should ask questions and investigate since it appears that the government is not going to investigate. They have created a story of a suicidal pilot and they are sticking to it.

So please contact me at or at my blog at and lets work together to find out the truth about what happened and why. You can also keep up with my reporting on this story from my blog.


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