The Phelps Family (Westboro Church) Documentary With my Thoughts Included

I must say that this documentary made me sick not just because I am a homosexual but because I am an American and it makes me want to throw up when I see these disgusting people picketing at the funerals of our soldiers singing that God Hates the USA. It is also disgusting that these people spend more time thinking about their ideas of what it means to be gay than I do as a gay man. To hear these stupid people say that homosexuality is actually in the 10 commandments attempting to claim that the commandment of thou shalt not commit adultery which they say is gay sex. Adultery is cheating on your spouse. Call me crazy but that is not just the legal definition of adultery but is also the street terminology for adultery not homosexuality.

I must say that at the 6 minute 30 second mark or so that I give thanks to the woman in the minivan who called this woman out for the evil that is spewing forth from her own mouth. This so called Christian woman even calls this lady a gluten evil person when she doesn’t even know her and when the Lord our God and my God tells me to judge not least I be judged. I understand that I am judging this people to an extent but I am more trying to say this is NOT what it looks like to be an American Christian. Jesus himself sat with the outcasts of society and broke break with prostitutes, criminals, and all people. I believe that to be a true Christian you must be slow to anger as the bible tells us, understanding, be a beacon of light to draw people to you from the darkness, and to understand that God has given us many gifts and the greatest of all of them is the gift of love.

Just look at the signs at the reactions from people passing by at the 7 minute and on mark. They are being more Christian than these so called Christians have ever thought of being. I would honestly not have the self control that these people passing by these evil so called Christians have to not get out of my car and knock their lights out. You hold up signs saying Thank God for Dead Soldiers and Thank God for IEDs that is disgusting and I do not know of a single POSITIVE religion in which the death of innocent people are celebrated except for Luciferian or devil worshipers as they are more commonly known. At the 10 minute mark the daughter of Phelps claims she is adhering to the doctrine of every main line religion and again I say hell to the no you are not lady you are a cult and my God would never want to see his children spewing such vial hatred at one another. Love thy neighbor as thyself it does not just mean your physical neighbor it means all those around you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. My God the one these people are claiming to worship would never think that this is the right way to do things. We are to lift one another up and not tear one another down.

It is scary that some of these people think that the so called wrath of God will be “awesome” to see in regards to natural disasters, floods, famine, death, and so on. I would never want to be here to see something so horrible and never would I call seeing people die from these disasters “awesome” not in a million years. I wish that the man introduced at 17 minutes named Steve would listen to himself and what he is saying. He says he came as a documentary film maker who did not feel anything wrong about homosexuals or fags as they call people like me. Again I say why does someone join a group that is obviously all about screaming FAG FAG FAG! How do you prioritize sin when the bible states that all sin is sin no one sin is greater than the other. I do not believe obviously that it is a sin however, I do not have issue with someone who does if they have a good argument for it but these people are insane and they are a cult. If you pay attention to this documentary it is all about homosexuals which makes me again wonder why in the hell if you think homosexuality is wrong do you spend seemingly all of your waking working awake life talking about fags?

When we finally meet “Pastor” Phelps at 20 minutes we can see where this hate comes from when he attacks Billy Graham saying that he is going straight to hell and speaking in racist tones about going to hell for being Armenian. This is a hate filled man whose church mainly is filled with his family as his congregation a lot of whom have left his so called “church” because they have seen that this so called church is nothing but a hate filled cult. Hate has never filled the soul with anything good. I have always found that love has lifted my own spirit while hating someone has wore myself down. At 25 minutes we see the daughter of Phelps going so far as to saying her children cannot date or marry because they would be fornicating. Hmmm? Really? She has children so does that make her a fornicator? I guess in her mind no but in mine and I am sure yours yes. It is called common since.

Where is social services at the 28 minute mark when you see these children being brainwashed into thinking that soldiers are fags or dykes and thinking it is funny. Making them stand with these awful hate filled signs saying all these awful things about gay people, our troops, and other countries when they cannot understand what their message really is. They are being forced or made to stand there as children with signs regarding an issue that they do not understand. After the 30 minute mark we see how the documentary filmer is as he says being absorbed into their world and that is how a cult works. They suck you in, fill your head with lies, make you fear the outside world, and make you feel like you are only safe with them and part of an exclusive family. We again see at 32 minutes how the children of the Phelps family are being abused not just by their family but by others when a young boy is hit in the face with a drink from individuals in a passing car who threw their drink on this child because of the sign his older family members made him stand on the side of the road holding up when he does not even understand what the sign he is holding even means. These people should not be putting their children at risk but they are with no regard for the danger they are placing their children in.

At 38 minutes when we finally hear from Phelps himself come down from his second story housing unit to “preach” to his flock he preaches on what….HOMOSEXUALS! The troops and how they are fighting for fags. He believes that any preacher who doesn’t say that President Bush is going to hell for starting a war and saying that God is the one who is using that war to punish America. I believe that God has given us free will and that we make our own bed to lay in or to reap what we sow. I love how Phelps believes that his message and that only his preaching is the correct word of God. So in Phelps mind only him and those who follow him will be the only people who get to go to heaven. Talk about someone that has an inflated ego and someone who is power hungry.

At 42 minutes I must say that I am so proud of our troops who were able to walk past these evil hate filled signs along with hearing the evil hateful hurtful words spewing from these peoples mouths and they had not reaction when if it had been me I would probably have not only gotten into a verbal altercation but probably a physical one because I believe in respect for the dead. If you think that person who has died is burning in hell then why picket their funeral because in your way of thinking the persons soul is already lost and getting what they deserve by burning in hell right now. At 44 minutes we hear the story of a member of our countries armed forces who at 26 years of age lost his life, Gregg being his name, laid down his life for his country and was a person who had a life, loved ones, and from what I can find was a good person, doing something that most of us would not do that being willing to fight and potentially die for our country. This man was a good man so why should his funeral be picketed? How is he part of the so called “Fag Agenda”? He gave his life so that people like me wouldn’t have to and this man should be held up with honor and respect for that.

At 48 minutes I am so glad that the documentary interviewer finally stands up to say that God and his son of the flesh Jesus would not act with so much hate like this group does. I love when he says that it is deluded thinking to rejoice when a church burns down, when a soldier dies in a war, and that only the members of the Westboro Baptist Church were the only ones going to heaven. I am happy with the way the documentary went. I understand that the interviewer had to be careful with what he said or did and the way he approached the members in order to expose what is really happening with this group of people which I fill even more so after seeing this that this group is not a church, not a group of Christians, but a bunch of hate filled adults trying to brainwash the younger members of this family or this cult as I call it. At the end of the day I see hate in the adults and in the children I see pain that is being converted into hate towards the outside world instead of thinking for themselves, reading the bible for themselves, and letting the word of God speak to them as individuals as it does to me. I can read one passage of the bible and walk away with a different interpretation than what you may have reading the same passage. I also believe that in regards to the bible we must be realistic and know that man wrote the bible and not God himself therefore, I know that many things in the bible were put there by man and not God.

I still believe and will say that God is all loving and we are all his children and like any parent I believe that God is on our side cheering for us to be the best person we can be. To be a beacon of light that brings others to God. The bible says that Faith, Hope, and Love are things that have been given to us by our father in heaven and I believe that the greatest gift of all is the gift of love.


Does the picture above look anything like the loving word of God? Yeah I figured not.


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