7 Mind Blowing Technologies You Probably Do Not Even Know About!

Welcome readers to my list of 7 mind blowing technologies that you probably do not even know about that are either coming in the next 1 to 2 years or technologies that are already in use as you read this article. This is my own personal list of my top technologies that I feel most of us either do not really hear about or do not hear enough about to understand the possibilities that come with them. So ladies and gentlemen please enjoy my list of the 7 technologies you will now know about.

1. Magic Leap is a new startup company that is planning to blow your mind within the next 1 to 3 years by releasing 3-D computerized seemingly realistic virtual reality. This may sound far out but the company has already spent close to a billion dollars developing this technology and have become an arm of Microsoft so be on the lookout for virtual reality coming soon to you!

2. Car to Car Communication! Yes, you read that right within the next 1 to 2 years our cars will be communicating wirelessly with each other to make driving safer or at least that is the theory. This technology is planned to be used to help you avoid accidents by putting on the brakes for you, making sure nobody is in your “blind spot”, and things of that nature however, I have two major concerns. The first is with wireless communication joined with GPS navigation technology it would be possible if not 100% out right going to happen that big brother is going to use this technology for either writing you a ticket because your car communicated that you were doing 10mph or 20mph over the speed limit or it could be used to control your speed by not allowing the vehicle to go past the posted speed limit.

My other major concern is security! When you add in all this technology and make our cars computers then those computers will have massive amounts of data that individuals, companies, and governments will no doubt want which will lead to having your vehicle hacked. If the vehicle can be controlled remotely and wirelessly then imagine what could happen if you piss off your teenage neighbor who proceeds to hack into your car and take control of it, yeah that doesn’t sound like a story with a happy ending does it? Just some food for thought.

3. Project Loon which is a major project that is currently already out there but is expected to become nearly worldwide within the next year and a half. The Google ran project revolves around technology placed into the sky that will allow for individuals to get online where previously there has been no internet, it is also focused on fast and FREE internet, and Google is said to even be using this project to eventually offer either heavily discounted or FREE smartphone plans so look out Verizon and AT&T because Google is coming for you! Also, this technology is allowing BILLIONS of people to connect with high speed data all at the same time using only 1 satellite deployed over the coverage area.

4. Cancer Detection via 3 to 4 drops of blood from your finger? That is exactly what is on the market now! You can actually have your finger pricked for literally a sample of blood which will be DNA sequenced in a lab to look for genes associated with cancer. This very tech savvy medical procedure is known as a “liquid biopsy” and can detect the presence of cancer before you even begin to experience any symptoms. The objective is simple as part of your yearly physical your blood is drawn and tested for cancer before the cancer cells even have time to develop in high numbers in your body to cause symptoms. This means that with such an early detection we can now destroy cancer quickly, more cost efficiently, and without prolonged painful treatment all of which are great but perhaps the best part is that what this technology is offering is essentially a cancer cure. I know cure is a naughty word to some with cancer however, this new technology allows for a cancer cure when that has long been thought to be impossible.

5. Desalinization of Ocean Water for Drinking? Yes, that is happening all over the world as you are reading this. This is a tech breakthrough that will become more and more prominent in the years to come as countries all over the world will begin pulling ocean water in, removing the salt, and sending it into a water supply for your consumption and/or usage. This technology will be especially useful to drought stricken areas and areas with groundwater contamination. I wonder who will be the first company to begin bottling the new salt negative ocean water? Will AquaFina go OceanFina? We shall see.

6. Wireless Payment technology is here and growing at a shockingly high rate of speed. This technology allows you to use your phone and/or other wireless devices to make not just on-line payments but also payments in the physical world at stores all across the globe without cash or a card swipe but instead by the NFC (Near Field Communication formerly known as RFID Radio Frequency Identification) wireless frequency output signal emitted from your phone, picked up by the checkout computer, and charging your selected payment account allowing you to have all your credit cards, debit cards, personal banking accounts, business banking accounts, Apple Pay, Android Payment, and more at the touch of your hand without having to worry about losing your physical cards. Be warned that this technology is still in it’s infancy right now so it is very likely that we will see major security issues arise in the near future which will need to be fixed so I would hold off on joining the smartphone payment world and stick with my plastic physical card.

7. I have saved on of the best for last in my opinion and that is: The Growth of Brain Organoids to cure or partially cure diseases and conditions from Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Epilepsy, and even mental illnesses. Now this is happening right now and is an area of medical technology that I am keeping my finger on the pulse of daily. Scientists have been able to take only a single skin cell from a person, turn it from a skin cell into a STEM cell, then it is turned into a neuron that can be programmed to enter your unique individual body, your DNA, and directly reprogram the known defects in cell DNA that are associated with a whole host of brain based illnesses. Scientists have been able to grow exact duplicate brains using a persons DNA from a single skin cell and have been able to show that this technology has the ability to go into the brain and heal it in ways that were once thought to be impossible.

I believe that this technology will continue to grow and mature especially as we learn more about nanotechnology that within the next decade we may actually have cures for Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Cancer, Epilepsy, Psychiatric Illnesses, Addiction, Autism, Diabetes, and the list goes on and on as to what doors this technology can and will open for us in the near future. I agree with many scientist that in the next decade we will actually be able to be injected with nanotech based medicine programmed to enter our body, seek out the ill areas of the entire body, and heal the body from within. While that may sound outlandish it actually isn’t with over 60% of scientist agreeing that they believe this is the future of medicine and the treatment of disease and/or defect. Now we just need to sit back and brace ourselves for the inevitable moral/ethical question that will be given to us: “Just because we can do this should we?” and I think that question will lead to many more. I just hope that this industry will not become strangled and restrained by over restrictive laws or regulated to the point that the industry will employ more lawyers than scientist. That is my humble person opinion.

– Article Written by Joshua Ferguson

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