Reality Fakery! Caitlyn Jenner ‘Auditioned’ Actresses For Paid BFF Roles In ‘I Am Cait’

Money can’t buy love, but it sure can buy fake friends! Caitlyn Jenner is the most popular new girl on the block, with a gaggle of gal pals — and a camera crew — following her wherever she goes. But an insider tells that her sudden circle of friends is the result of reality TV fakery.

Caitlyn Jenner Attends 'An American In Paris' On Broadway with Candis Cayne.
Caitlyn Jenner Attends ‘An American In Paris’ On Broadway with Candis Cayne.

According to a well-connected Kardashian family insider, the 65-year-old “actually held auditions for the role of her transgender BFFs for the television show!”
“Caitlyn didn’t just meet all of these already famous transgender people by accident – of course they were cast and, yes, they are getting paid,” says the source.

“When you are appearing on a major network show on several episodes you do not do that for free. There are auditions and a selection process,” adds the insider.

As fans know, Jenner has grown especially close to Candis Cayne, and the source says she was cast too. This has become very obvious that this “reality show” has been carefully setup and every move plotted and planned. This should not make transgendered people happy and proud instead it should be an embarrassment that the person getting all this praise for being true to himself is exploiting himself, herself, her family, and her fans for money and more fame.

“It’s great chance that Caitlyn and Candis really have hit it off and are actually BFFs now,” the source says. “That sure helps.”

Do you think that the producers for ‘I Am Cait‘ picked the right choice for the role of Caitlyn Jenner’s BFF? Tell us your thoughts below.

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