BREAKING NEWS: Shots fired at Nashville cinema, shooter reported dead

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Police are responding to reports of shots fired at a movie theater southeast of Nashville, Tennessee. Officials say the attacker had a gun and a hatchet. This attack was reportedly during a showing for the movie ‘Mad Max’. Reports regarding the facts of this incident are slowly coming but what I do know at this point is that this event took place less one hour ago (3:00 EST) and at this point we are not aware of any deaths except for the death of gunman/hatchet man who I am just going to go ahead and call a terrorist. The terrorist has been allegedly taken down by SWAT and has according to some reports injured one with the hatchet.

It appears from reports that the gunfire heard by witnesses coming from the theater were between the terrorist and the police. This incident comes about a week after the shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana. See the video below from CNN regarding the current shooting incident. I will give update articles as this story develops.

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