Warning: some readers might find this content disturbing.

A graphic four-minute anal rape scene has critics questioning whether ‘American Horror Story’ has crossed the line, well to me they have. There is no need to be so graphic and to show a man getting raped by what I can only call a demon with no face who had a nearly 2 foot long drill with sharp ended razors attached which he used to pull the pants down on a man showing his full butt and raping him violently for around 4 minutes before the rape victim dies from the brutality. A scene which as a sexual assault victim has left myself and others with amplified PTSD flashbacks and especially a major disturbance in sleep due to the dreams of the memories of being raped. This motel rape occurred without so much as a warning that it was coming and has really left me angry!

Max Greenfield in 'American Horror Story: Hotel' whose character was the one who was raped.
Max Greenfield in ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ whose character was the one who was raped.

I want an apology from the writers, the directors, and the cast who were involved in this horrible scene that was un-necessary and very insensitive to male survivors of rape.

The premiere episode of US horror-comedy series American Horror Story: Hotel has the internet world up in arms after it featured a disturbing rape scene 25 minutes into its debut.

The show, which screens on pay TV channel FX at 10pm (US time), is known for pushing the envelope but even die-hard fans are wondering whether the shocking scene in the show’s premiere was necessary.

American show slammed for ‘going way too far’   The New Daily

The scene in question features actor Max Greenfield’s character, Gabriel, a heroin addict, being raped by a demon wearing a spiked sex toy.

Meanwhile, actress Sarah Paulson’s character, Sally, a fellow addict, looks on and whispers: “The more you scream, the more he likes it.”

Back in August, the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy warned viewers what was coming, saying the new season features the “most disturbing scene we’ve ever done”.

According to Murphy, the rapist featured in the scene is a mythical creature called “The Addiction Demon”.

“He is a representation of that and what people go through fighting addiction,” Murphy said. “It’s not done lightly or blithely. I think it’s very powerful and strong.”

Vanity Fair reviewer Richard Lawson deemed the show “garbage” for its portrayal of homosexuality.

American show slammed for ‘g1

“I took to Twitter, as one does, to complain that the scene was basically treated as a joke, because isn’t gay rape so funny. Immediately someone responded that, um, the scene wasn’t meant to be funny, to which I say pfffffft again,” Lawson wrote.

“If the scene, and the whole episode, wasn’t meant to be at least amusing, then why cast Greenfield, a comedic actor, to play a Brant brother–type only to quickly punish him with a horrific—and, again, incredibly graphic, given that it aired on basic cable!—rape?”

This isn’t the first time a popular television show has been criticized for its use of sexual violence. The show runners of HBO’s Game of Thrones were slammed for a season five scene in which teenaged character Sansa Stark was raped while another man watched.


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