A wreck involving a tractor trailer occurred at 5:30pm today causing a shut down of I-385 in Greenville County. It is now 9pm at the time of this articles publication and the wreck has yet to be cleared. It appears by reports that the truck driver was driving on Roper Mountain Road and upon reaching the bridge sitting of I-385 the driver went over the left guard rail and cement causing the truck and trailer to go off the side of the over pass and crash onto the interstate below.

Photos and videos from the scene shown below indicate the severity of this wreck and the amount of traffic it is causing to back up with numerous exits shut down along I-385 it has become a parking lot that nobody can exit as the exits have been sealed off. The trucks trailer is still dangling over the side of the overpass bridge with officials not knowing how to handle the situation right now. The truck detached upon taking the nose dive right off the bridge however, the trailer became caught on the concrete rails of the overpass which have caused the trailer to become standing up from the interstate below all the way up to the overpass with only the overpass railings keeping the trailer from collapsing onto the interstate below.

I am not aware at the time of writing this the condition of the driver, the reason for the wreck, what company the driver worked for, and what he was hauling. This has caused a massive traffic backup on I-385 with traffic at stand still since 5:30 this afternoon. Traffic is backed up as far back as the Pleasantburg Drive exit 40 which is nearly 4 miles before the scene of the accident.


As you can see in the photo above damage to the bridge and interstate have occurred in this serious situation. It is still unclear whether DHEC or the EPA is on the scene due to the environmental concerns of this accident. The photographs below have captured this incident from all angles and from daylight to darkness.

I-385 wreck as seen from helicopter.
Trailer from the side of I-385.
The bed of the trailer.
Emergency Vehicles on top of Roper Mountain Road
A view of the wreck from Roper Mountain Road at dusk.
This is one of the first photos to be captured in this incident.
Police and Fire Services evaluation the situation.
A nighttime side view.
A nighttime side view.
Chopper photo of Roper Mountain Road bride.
Chopper photo of the Roper Mountain Road bridge.
Aerial Shot of the Roper Mountain Road bridge and I-385 South.

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