America’s most hated woman, Casey Anthony, has made a sickening claim that she’s going to be a mom again!

America’s most hated woman, Casey Anthony, has made a sickening claim that she’s going to be a mom again!


Three years after she was found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in a verdict that horrified the country, sources close to Anthony have dropped a bombshell indicating that Anthony “is excitedly boasting” that she plans to give birth soon.

While there’s no indication the despised “Tot Mom” is pregnant, sources say Anthony has secretly selected her baby daddy and has been determined to start a family in 2015.

A close pal is quoted as saying: “With all the death threats and legal issues, Casey’s kept a low profile, but she’s ready to move on with her life.

“She’s been in touch with several men who wrote to her in jail. She’s picking the wealthiest one and plans on making him the father of her baby,” the friend said. “She wants to get pregnant and be waited on hand and foot!”

Anthony has been working as a housekeeper for one of her lawyers – J. Cheney Mason – at his Longwood, Fla., home, according to Rick Namey, author of the book “Casey’s Ghost.”

But the insider reveals that if Anthony has a second child, it could lead to a new “money-making scheme” after her previous attempts to get rich off her infamy failed.

A $1 million offer from a producer claiming to represent “The Jerry Springer Show” was quickly withdrawn after it sparked a public outcry. And Vivid Entertainment – America’s largest producer of adult videos – withdrew a $1 million offer for her to star in porn films.

Meanwhile, sources say Anthony chose her baby daddy from among the love letters she received behind bars.

In a letter Anthony passed to former fellow inmate Robyn Adams, she explained that several men had “become infatuated” with her. She also wrote that a 30-year-old bodybuilder from Massachusetts sent her letters proposing marriage. Anthony bragged: “I’m his princess.”

The source added: “Whatever her real intention – wealth or motherhood – the thought of Casey being a mom again will definitely bring her haters back in full force.” (I would like to say that I am back in full force and I feel that I am rightly so given what she has done she should never have another child).

The depth of disgust for the infamous brunette is reflected in the many “I Hate Casey Anthony” Facebook pages, which have garnered tens of thousands of “Likes.”

Anthony told police in July 2008 that her nanny had kidnapped her daughter, but five months later the child’s skeletal remains were found near Anthony’s home in Orlando, Fla.

Prosecutors said Anthony applied duct tape to Caylee’s nose and mouth to suffocate her, while the defense claimed the child drowned in a family pool.

Anthony was acquitted of first-degree murder in July 2011, but was convicted of lying to a police officer.

Said the source: “In her twisted mind and heart, Casey really believes having another baby will redeem her. You really can’t think of anything sicker.”


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