Americas Latest False Flag Attack: San Bernardino


I have put together a series of video clips which you can see below that in my opinion clearly show that the shooting events that occurred today (December 2, 2015) are the latest false flag event. These video clips show the early evolution of this story. You have witnesses who witnessed nothing but the heavy police presence. You have people who are supposed to have been in the building where the shooters were that never heard a single gunshot and never saw any of the 3 suspects. You also have family giving statements on live television in these clips stating that they received text messages from their family members who were allegedly inside of this building hiding who also said they never heard shots, never saw any shooters, never seen any dead bodies, and only repeated what they had heard from police sources about the number of deaths inside.

I have also recorded clips in which officials have stated that the police were carrying out a “shooting drill” in this location when the shooting began which is why they were able to be on the scene within a few minutes. Isn’t it amazing how when things like this happen there is always a drill occurring at the same time? Another interesting thing is that a lot of the so called witnesses were wearing masonic symbols on their hats and were basically repeating the dribble from the main stream press which in this case was The Fox News Channel. Then we have even the police stating that it was 1 shooting or maybe 2 or maybe 3 and during the press conference just over a hour ago the statement was made that there were at least 3 shooters if not more in full body armor. We also have Obama coming out just a few hours after this event began stating that we need gun control! Oh yes what another interesting piece to this puzzle.

We have no description of these suspects. Police have stated that it is believed that at least one of these shooters left the scene in a black Chevy SUV with tinted out windows and no tag. Call me crazy but does that not sound like a government vehicle? There are so many things that reek of bull in this situation which is why I recorded these clips as I am sure that the details I was able to capture will disappear in time once the official story is set as to what they want to have occurred in this situation. I have put together all of the clips that I recorded over the last few hours regarding this event which I think show that this is a full on false flag. I have combined all of the clips into the YouTube video below. I hope that you will watch the video and you will listen to what is being said by those involved and that you can see through the fog of lies surrounding this event and witness the truth that this is clearly a false flag attack and not a good one at that for sure. Oh and one more thing isn’t it interesting that no BOLO has been issued, no description of the suspects has been given, the police in one of the clips said that they knew the name and date of birth of one of the suspects however, now that is not being reported. The police have also said that they have not ruled out terrorism in this false flag! Come on how many agendas are going on here?

Click here or copy and paste the following link to watch my collection of clips relating to this incident and decide for yourself if this is a false flag operation or not:

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