Healthier sexual organs

Yes, please. Tight underwear looks sexy, but it constricts your junk in an uncomfortable manner. You spend all day constantly adjusting your package. At night, by contrast, the nudeness would allow your skin to be free of constrictive clothing for a good seven to eight hours.

Keep in mind that tight underwear often causes a bent penis. When your boxers constrains your junk in any given direction, the shaft will eventually curve. Especially if you get a boner, which you do every night. In fact, the average man has three to five erections during the night, and each erection usually lasts for about half an hour. No wonder why we wake up so horny, right?

Besides, you must maintain your testes cool if you want a healthy sperm and reproductive system. Hey, your testicles are located outside of your body for a reason. They have to remain at a nice temperature. But when you sleep with uncomfortable undies, your balls will heat up and you sperm count will lower.

An anti-aging technique

Growth hormones and melatonin are released when you sleep, which are vital anti-aging hormones. You need a drop in core body temperature to initiate a good-night sleep. Underwear, pajamas and socks don’t allow the heat to escape from your body.

A nice airflow, however, will do the trick. The blankets and covers, sheets and quilts on you bed must be made from natural materials, preferably Egyptian cotton. As a result, the air in your bedroom will circulate through your naked body, and prevent skin diseases in vulnerable areas, such as your feet, armpits, and genitals.

Sleeping unclothed will help lower your body temperature, and therefore create a deeper, longer sleep. The more you sleep, the more anti-aging hormones your body will release. Yay! Goodbye premature wrinkles.

A better sex life

Do you know who doesn’t enjoy sex as he’s supposed to? A guy who’s not comfortable in his own skin. When you spend enough time in the nude, you become more relaxed and confident of your own body. That cocky attitude is what makes bad boys so attractive. Sleeping naked builds your confidence and self-esteem. You’ll learn to accept your body and be less shy.

If you’re sleeping with someone, the skin-on-skin contact will trigger the release of oxytocin. This a hormone made in the brain and has been widely referred to as the love hormone, cuddle chemical, or feel-good hormone.

Scientists have observed high levels of oxytocin in couples during the first six months of a relationship. Sleeping naked is a perfect way to rekindle your lost love or sexual attraction. So show him your birthday suit and let’s blow some candles.

A slimmer body

According to a study in the Diabetes journal, you’ll burn more calories during the day if you sleep naked in a cooler bedroom. Yes, winter may help too. These conditions activate the production of brown fat in adults, which is a good fat that produces 300 more heat than any organ in your body. Consequently, more brown fat would help burn the energy stored in bad fat (white).

The same study also found that sleeping in cooler temperatures improves your metabolism, lowers blood sugar levels and even prevents type II diabetes.

On top of that, sleeping naked may lower your cortisol levels. This steroid hormone helps your body with the metabolism and stress management. If you wake up with abnormally high cortisol levels though, you will have an unquenchable appetite for junk food. By comparison, if you sleep unclothed, you’ll wake up feeling energized.

In summary, nude sleeping can make you healthier, slimmer and sexier. You’ll be more comfortable if you shower just before bed. Your skin will feel fresh and clean, and your linen will stay clean longer. Like birth and sex, best things in life happen when you’re naked.

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