Verizon Wireless admits to double billing customers when they make their monthly payments. How to find out if you’re one of them.


Verizon customers will want to check their most recent phone bill for a potential error.

The wireless company said a technical issue at a Federal Reserve Bank cause some customers’ payments to be processed twice this month.

Verizon said the duplicated payments are being reversed, but affected customers will need to confirm that the reversal is complete.

Below is the full statement released by Kate Jay, Verizon public relations manager in the South East Market:

Earlier this week, a technical issue at one of the nation’s Federal Reserve Banks resulted in a limited number of Verizon Wireless customer payments being processed twice. To address this situation, the bank issued reversal files for the duplicated payments; each duplicated transaction is being reversed by the receiving financial institution, which should help ensure businesses and consumers are not negatively impacted by this incident. Verizon is apologizing to affected customers and directing them to their individual financial institutions to confirm that the transaction reversal is complete.

Customers with questions or concerns should contact Verizon customer support.

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