Orlando Shooting and Sandy Hook Shooting False Flag Hoax Interview with WolfGang Halbig and James Fetzer.

Orlando Shooting and Sandy Hook Shooting False Flag Hoax Interview with WolfGang Halbig and James Fetzer.

I am posting this interview that occurred on Thursday June 16th 2016 with WolfGang Halbig and Professor James Fetzer who is the author of the controversial books “NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK” which has been banned by Amazon and “Nobody Died in Boston”, either: State-sponsored terrorism with Hollywood special effects. This interview also has callers who phone in from all around the United States who add their thoughts to the mix of these 2 men in regards to the Sandy Hook shooting being a false flag event that never happened and that the recent shooting at the Orlando night club is also a false flag event that never happened. We are only a week or so out from the shooting at the Orlando night club Pulse and already it seems that people are twisting the facts to fit their own agendas.

This interview bothered me so much for so many reasons that I wanted to post both parts of this interview and have you all comment on this interview. Now I want to give you the reasons why this interview bothers me since that statement could be taken to mean many things. I think one of the things that disturbed me the most with this interview is the statements that callers are making regarding this being a gay issue and that by somehow feeling for the death of a person who may have been gay and killed at a night club is an awful thing. Give me a break. This interview seeks to bring you the truth yet we are supposed to believe that nobody died at this night club and at Sandy Hook?

I have a hard time believing that Sandy Hook and the shootings in Orlando are both connected, both false flag fake events, and that all of these people meaning the victims, the dead, the families, the school or the business, the cops, the EMS, the nurses, the doctors, the hospitals, etc are all in on this huge conspiracy to fake two mass shooting incidents for the purpose of what? I understand that there is an agenda to strip away at the 2nd amendment and I know the saying of never let a good crisis go to waste however, that is a far cry from faking this entire event. I am a doctor and I will say that in a mass shooting incident it is a mess with information and what to do on all ends. There were triage areas set up at this shooting in Orlando and it takes 24 hours to get 49 dead bodies out of the club because of the biohazard and due to respect to the victim. The cops know that when they take these bodies out of course they want to do it at night so that the news cameras do not capture it.

I am also appalled that in this interview everyone wants to see the cameras from inside of the club! Really? Why? I am sure there are videos but in respect to the victims and their families law enforcement is not going to release these tapes to the media for the public to sit back and watch and why would you want to watch such a thing? It is also said in this interview that there were no ambulances at the scene well yes there were. The thing is that this truck they keep referring to was able to get there during this 2am to 5am shoot out since when you have an active criminal act (the shoot out) occurring that the police are not going to allow EMS near the scene. You do not need your first responders becoming injured themselves since then you have the people who are supposed to render help now needing help. Common sense people! I am also concerned that callers are actually calling Hitler a great person! What the heck is going on in our world?

Now if someone out there agrees with the things that have been said on this interview then please tell me why and explain this to me. I do want to have a conversation about this. My mind is open to facts and evidence. I don’t want to hear how they were gay so they deserved it or that nobody died unless you have the facts to back it up please. I fully admit that I know our government has used false flags throughout history to get us into wars etc however, I see SOME issues with the story of Sandy Hook and the Orlando Shooting but to say that nobody died and they are 100% fake no. But my reason for posting this is so that we can have a discussion about this so let’s talk and do not hold back I want to know what peoples feelings, beliefs on these issues are, if you believe this is a false flag or not, do you think this is a second amendment gun grabbing agenda, and I really do mean this. I am a doctor of Psychology I love to study people and the way we think so please hit me with your thoughts on this and lets talk.




  1. Conclusions like this seem all to easy to jump to when it comes to conspiracies. I agree with you that it would take way to many people to be involved for this to be a conspiracy false flag event.

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    • Thank you I am glad that someone other than me can see some reason and common sense. Now that’s not to say that I don’t believe that our government is letting this crisis go to waste. They never do that. The gun grab agenda is in full swing before the bodies of these victims are even laid to rest.


  2. On June 12, 2016, a training drill was conducted at 1912 South Orange Ave in Orlando, Florida at 2:00 AM by the Florida Emergency Nurses Association. By government manipulation & a complisite mainstream news media this event was turned Into the PULSE NIGHTCLUB SHOOTING.Nobody was shot or killed instead “Crisis Actors” were presented to make the story real.
    Read the book THE ORLANDO MASS CASUALTY EVENT by ex-CIA operative ROBERT DAVID STEELE for confirmation.


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