NBC being sued for $52 million after their security detail assaults a Trump supporter

A New Jersey man is suing NBC for $52 million claiming security guards dragged him away from a “Today” show audience pen on Rockefeller Plaza and beat him up — for wearing a t-shirt with Bill Clinton’s image in the style of the President Barack Obama “hope” poster with the word “rape.”

Mark Gallagher, 23, of Oakridge, had made it into the background of ABC’s “Good Morning America” set the day before wearing the same provocative T-shirt.

The Donald Trump-supporting social worker admits that he donned the shirt as part of a political stunt orchestrated by Infowars blogger Alex Jones — who offers people $1,000 if they appear on national TV wearing the Bill Clinton rape t-shirt for over five seconds. They get $5,000 if they shout out the phrase, “Bill Clinton is a rapist.”

On Oct. 12, ABC guards escorted Gallagher out of the “GMA” audience, but the next day, when he attempted the same stunt at the “Today” show’s on-camera setup outside their studio, five guards grabbed his arm and neck and hit his head and knee before handing him over to NYPD counterterrorism officers, according to his Manhattan civil suit.

Gallagher says he never even got a chance to show the shirt on TV.

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