Hidden Dangers of Cell Towers, Smartphones, Smart Meters, RFID Chips, and More Are Impacting Human Health Via Electrical Frequencies (Scientific Video Presentation)

A Scientific evidence based presentation on the hidden dangers and health effects of cell towers, smartphones, wifi, smart meters, microwaves, microwave radiation, RFID chips, NFC, and more through electrical frequencies that show the impact of these frequencies on human health. More than 2,300 studies have been used to create this very informative presentation regarding the real science and health effects caused by the frequencies emitted by these devices. This presentation combines scientifically proven data, military documents, and field research video to show you the truth about what these devices do to the human body. This is the only video you will need to watch to learn all you need to know regarding these devices and I believe that you will be shocked by what you learn.

I would encourage everyone who watches this to share it with friends, family, and to please comment on this video with your thoughts and comments. What is it that you believe? Did you know the things you learned in this video? Do you have a smart meter? Do you have health issues? I would love for us to have a conversation regarding this issue so please let’s get this information out there and let’s discuss this issue.


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