VIDEO: Interview with lawyer for family of 22 year killed in police custody! A VERY disturbing case!

I posted this video because I want everyone to watch it please and share it with everyone that you know because this story has my blood boiling and it should yours too. It is a story that we are not hearing about but we should. So PLEASE watch this video and share it as much as you can.

This is an interview with attorney Mark O’Mara about the case of Matthew Ajibade, a black man in Georgia who died after being tased while strapped to a restraining chair. Matthew Ajibade was tased up to 4 times while restrained of which 2 were deployed into the area of his penis. Ajibade was also mentally ill (Bipolar) and the jails nurse was not notified that any taser had been used.

It is my opinion that the police abused and murdered this man. You can clearly see in this video that he is NOT resisting these officers and even if he was he is tied down to the chair so he is no threat to them. This is the kind of case that should make all of us mad especially the wonderful good men and women in law enforcement out there.

This boy was only 22, a college student, was tied to this chair, did not deserve to be tased 4 times especially with 2 of them being directed into his penis basically torturing this boy until he DIED still restrained in this seat! This is so disgusting! This is a story that has not gotten a lot of coverage and it is time that it gets it! I appreciate the lawyer for this mans family trying to explain what happened however, I highly disagree with him that this happened due to a lack of training of these law enforcement officers as you do not need to have training to know that you do not tase a man 4 times, 2 times in his genital area while he is tied down! He was strapped into this chair and you can see in the video that he is not moving or “resisting”. They knew he had mental health issues and yet they decided to tase this 22 year old man to DEATH! Why didn’t an officer step in to stop this? How is it that 12 officers can watch this occur? I am so outraged!

Again I call and beg upon the great men and women of law enforcement to do all that they can to identify the bad apples in their department and do all they can to get rid of them. I understand police have a very very hard job and I appreciate what they do however, this type of behavior and incidents cannot be tolerated at all.


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