Alex Jones BUSTED & Caught In A Lie In The Megyn Kelly Interview. Jones did say Sandy Hook is fake! (VIDEO INCLUDED)


I put this video up to show that Alex Jones did in fact state that Sandy Hook is in his own opinion a synthetic, completely fake attack with actors which he stated on his show in this video on January 13, 2014. Alex did an interview on June 12, 2017 with reporter Megyn Kelly in which he was asked why he thought Sandy Hook was a fake. Alex Jones is now trying to play the victim in a video he posted on June 12, 2017 to his YouTube channel by stating that he never said Sandy Hook was fake, he never said there were crisis actors, and that Megyn Kelly is editing the interview to make him look bad and he does not want the interview to be aired. Well I guess not because it is going to show that he is a complete fraud.

I find it even worse of him to try and blame Megyn Kelly for making him look bad when he is the one who agreed to do this interview with her even though she is part of that mainstream lying corrupt media that he always rants about on his show. So he has done this to himself and I hope that all of his listeners watch this video, see that he does say Sandy Hook was a fake, and then take a look at the video Alex Jones posted on his YouTube channel on June 12, 2017 denying that he ever said any of this. Here is the link to that June 12, 2017 video:


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